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Hello! I'm Brandon im helping with the web pages, so if your new to the guild, i can tell you that you made a really good choice. : )

Welcome to Neopets 

Guild Poll
Who should we feature in December?
Simple Plan
Green Day
The Ramones
See my suggestion (PLEASE POST 1)
Please post answer on the guild! if u picked the 5th one.

Guild Updates

  • This Guild is about appreciating music and helping people when they need it!

  • Want to be on the Extended Council? Just neomail verdandie with the position you want.

  • To be on the coucnil you must be active with the guild and helpful.

  • Council opens at 30 members, so please recruit.

  • Earn Musical Notes (the guild's point system) to get prizes by winning/participating in contests, recruiting, and buying items from the guild's donation shop.

  • Any Ideas? Questions? Neo-Mail Reigning_Goddess
  • " Re: Extended Council "

    Adpotion Leader- MUST HAVE A LAB RAY & 3 pets only. Someone says they want a certain kind of pet the Adoption leader creates/ adopts one, and then uses the lab ray until it turns the pet the color that the owner wants.

    Avatar Leader- They're responsible for knowing what avatar sets the Avatar account has, who the guild has lent what sets out to, and how to get most/all of the avatars. THey don't have to have all of them.

    Battle Leader - This is a person who likes to battle their pets, you can battle other guild members if they so desire, and set up matches between guild members with equally matched pets.

    Hint Master- Must know the secrets of Neopia, how to score high points in games, get past the snowanger, ect.

    Questions about anything? Neomail any of my 4 accounts , I'm on verdandie most often.

    This was off of the guild messages, i thought it would be a nice thing to put it here!

    This website is supporting the guild form neopets called ::Magical Mountain:: if you have any question on what to put on this website, neomail me at Moronicterdaroo, or email me at or

    Welcome to the Musical Mountain. Come join us and meet people who appreciate music as much as you do.